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There are almost every students who are school leavers here in Fiji who experience various challenges in life.This depends on their personal background or may be the situation they encounter in their daily activities.In this case financial support,peer pressure,level of qualification, and opportunities given could be the major contributions to this challenges in life.This may be one of the reason scholarships are provided to accomodate the needs of this students.

So when scholarship opportunities are offered to assist in such situations it is wise to make the most of it now,we encourage you to utilize this offer before it passes on.

IDEA clients waiting are to contact IDEA for education opportunity and accessibility.

Below are the available opportunities for the IDEA candidates or any persons with disabilities to search on for further information.


University of the South Pacific,Laucala Bay,Suva.

Name of scholarship:

USP Scholarship and the bursary loan scheme

Contact Person:

Seruwaia Beci


Fiji National University(FNU):

For any student to get enrolled at Fiji National University.

For more details you visit the FNU website for further clarification.

Phone Contact-3394000

Australian Pacific Technical College:

Visit the APTC for enrolment and other relevant enquiries.

Contact Person:

Soweri or Debbie Gibson

You may also visit the APTC website for more information.

Government scholarship:

All Government Scholarship are under the Ministry of Finance right now.Any enquiries and clarification is to contact the above Ministry.

Contact Person:

Vinal Kumar


Name of scholarship offered under this Ministry are Tertiary Scholarship Loan Board (TSLB) and the scholarship scheme for special Children(SCC)


Ministry of Finance

6th Floor

Suva House

NZ Aid Scholarship

Please refer to the website for more information


Contact Person:

Surava Elaisa

Phone Contact:


Ausaid Scholarship:

Name of scholarship

Australian Awards available local and regionally every year and it is also being advertised on the Fiji Times on February every year.


Contact Person:

Olita Nagera and Betty Colati

Phone Contact:


US Embassy Scholarship:

Contact Person:

Alena Vesikula



Phone Contact:


British High Commisssion:

Contact Person:


Contact on facebook:

UK in the South Pacific

Phone Contact:


Japanese Embassy:





If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact Romulo on 9090834.



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