Meet the Team

Meet the IDEA Project Team

Here’s the IDEA Team at the Australian Volunteers International (AVI) Office.

Group shot at the AVI office

Group shot at the AVI office.

IDEA Chair Mr Joshko Wakaniyasi

IDEA Chair Mr Joshko Wakaniyasi

IDEA chair Mr Joshko Wakaniyasi advices the employment task force members on their roles and is also the resource person for the different projects under the IDEA Program.

Corporate Manager-Mrs Mere Roden

Corporate Manager-Mrs Mere Roden

Corporate Manager Mrs Mere Roden is engaging with the corporate and industry sectors to develop programs that will increase opportunities for employing persons with disabilites,she is liasing with the corporate bodies to market persons with disabilites who ar e  job ready and have the necessary skills and qualifications to do the job.


Education Manager-

Education Manager – Mr Joseph Romulo

Education Manager Mr Joseph Romulo stressed that the main objective is for inclusive education for persons with disabilities  in vocational and tertiary institutions so he has formed a working party with key representatives from tertiary institutions and vocational schools to look on how they will support persons with disabilities who seek further studies in terms of policies,reasonable accommodation and accessibility.


The IDEA Survey Manager

Survey Manager-Mr Kolinio Laisenia

Survey Manager Mr Kolinio Laisenia have distributed 500 copies of the survey forms to persons with disabilities,then he will analyze the skills and qualifications from the information provided and will categorise them for those who are job ready,needs further studies,needs counselling and for those  who needs to open a small business.

Heroes Manger-Ms Tuliana Waibuta

Heroes Manager-Ms Tuliana Waibuta.

Heroes Manager Ms Tuliana Waibuta communicates with Heroes i.e persons with disabilities who are employed and also their employers, to highlight their stories  to the communities  through the newspaper.This benefits persons with disabilties  to encourage  or empower them to seek employment and also for the employers to be aware of the benefits of employing persons with disabilties.

Community Awareness(media) Manager-Ms Kelera Taveta.

Community Awareness (media) Manager-Ms Kelera Taveta.

Community Awareness(media) Manager Ms Kelera Taveta  promotes the activities happening within each project leads from the employment task force members,her responsibilities is to highlight the achievements of IDEA to the communities through the media such as newspaper,newsletter,TV or radio.


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