Dear Friends

Education is the key to success, obtaining a good education background qualifies you to any employment opportunities in the world. Today many changes are being implemented in the work force and good qualification is necessary, if other persons with disabilities can do it why cant you and me do it too because at the end of the day we will need to be independent in order for us to survive.

The tertiary loans scheme board has the scholarship available for us all including persons with disabilities, and the Australian Awards scholarship is offered through their website in January every year.

University of the South Pacific, Corpus Christy College, Fulton College and the Fiji National University offers all programs that suits the interest of persons with disabilities in which you can enroll into and places are also reserved for you regarding studies opportunities.

The University of the South Pacific is encouraging interested candidates to get registered at USP as the support for studies opportunities for persons with disabilities is highly available.

In this regard we are encouraging you our friends to make your choice whether to study or not, while opportunities is now offered through the government scholarship for studies as well as The University of the South Pacific is fully accessible for persons with disabilities.

For further inquiries and clarifications please contact Joe Romulo in this phone numbers 9090834, 3300616 or this email contact

Thank You.

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