IDEA Spotlight Joseph Romulo

Joseph Romulo was born with low vision, and later lost his vision on his left eye due to a rugby injury. He started his education at the Fiji School for the blind and was integrated to the mainstream school. He attended St Agnes Primary School, and completed secondary school at Cathedral Secondary School. He was fortunate enough to extend his studies at the University of the South Pacific with the support from the United Blind People’s Organisation.

Romulo is a musician and has participated in sports activities internationally and locally. His disability does not deter him from being productive or cause him to feel sorry for himself.A good example is his involvement with the IDEA Program. He manages the Education Project and has brought together a multi-education working party, with representatives of major universities. They are working together to strengthen inclusive education. He says “My advice is to respect persons with disabilities because they have the same dignities as able people do.”

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