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Article 27 of the UN Convention on Rights for Persons with Disability (CRPD) states that every person has the right to employment, including Persons with Disability. The IDEA program is assisting people to exercise this right.  IDEA is funded by Australian AID through the Human Rights Grant Scheme. 

Participating organisations 

Include Disability – Employ this Ability (IDEA) is about getting jobs for persons with disabilities in Fiji. This is a collaborative program between Disabled Persons Organisations (DPOs) Fiji Disabled Persons Federation, Psychiatric Survivors Association, United Blind Persons Association, Fiji Association of the Deaf and Spinal Injury Association. Spinal Injury Association is the lead organisation for IDEA. This project is for persons with disabilities in Fiji and is led by persons with disabilities.

Program Structure

IDEA is managed by representatives of leading Disabled Persons Organisations (organisations that are governed and staffed by a majority of persons with disabilities). Each representative is responsible for overseeing a project within IDEA.

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